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Our selection of local brewed draught craft beers include:

  • White Gypsy-Ruby (Irish Red Ale)
  • Blonde-(Weiss Beer)

Our bottled selection includes:

  • O’Hara’s Stout
  • IPA
  • Irish Red Ale
  • Stonewell’s Medium Dry and Dry Cider

Seasonal guest beers available from time to time, check on our facebook page for details.

Uisce Beatha: the water of life- name given by Irish monks in the early middle ages to distilled alcohol, it is simply a translation of the Italian Aqua Vitae. The word whiskey itself comes from the anglicised version of this phrase. We have personally selected a range of whiskeys from around Ireland for you to taste and enjoy. Our range includes blends to pot still, grain Irish, single malt to small batch. Some well known international brands are also available.

“There’s a whisky for everyone, from the novice whiskey drinker to the connoisseur as well as a
whiskey to suit everyone’s pocket depths.”

Please ask a member of staff about a selection from our tasting mats.